Voices, Choices

A mountain of rubble,
so stunning, surreal,
cries of vengeance
sorrow never more real.

The giant twins down,
3,000 dead, alone;
surely just recompense
could rightly atone.

The American emperor,
standing as lord,
shouted, “They’ll hear
from us soon!”
We were all in accord.

The “War on Terror
was then begun.
More death and destruction –
War ‘n’ Terror has won!

His voice was still
and so very small
(1 Kings 19:12),
it could hardly
be heard, if even at all
(Matt. 12:19).

Vengeance is mine,
he says, I will repay
(Deut. 32:35, Rom. 12:19, Heb.10:30).
Love your enemies,
for these do pray
(Matt. 5:44).

Peacemakers are blessed,
are sons just like me
(Matt. 5:9),
God’s house is their home;
they’ll be there with me
(John 14:1-3).

(So many voices,
demanding their due,
which to consider,
which to pursue?)

Those whose ears hear,
this is their choice
(Matt. 13:9),
for those are they
who hear his voice
(John 10:1-5, Rev. 13:8-10).