Poems for Family



She accepted God’s claim at an early age,
His plan and purpose to engage.
Jesus Christ, her Lord and Savior,
She enjoys His love and His favor.

Her interests are many, she does them all well,
But words are her passion, many stories to tell.
She’s only 12, but a novel she writes,
The reader’s interest she ably excites.

She’s eager to hike, whatever the sally,
Even to High Camp in Tahoe’s Squaw Valley.
She ascends 2,000 feet with incredible ease,
While her grandfather can only marvel and wheeze.

Loveliness, grace — goodness, for sure,
Attributes of beauty that are pure.
God wrapped them all, a gift of joy,
Haniya’s her name, His special envoy.

Jerry Harmon, July 30, 2009



It’s been just ten short years
since our Sweetheart was born.
We might forget, she fears,
so daily toots her horn.

They named her Naomi,
in Hebrew it’s Pleasant.
It’s evident to see:
she’s God’s gift, our present.

Her eyes all a-twinkle,
As *huggle* she e-mails,
Her aim: joy to sprinkle.
She does; she never fails.

Her goats, she cuddles,
as well Trouble, the cow,
and sometimes he snuggles,
*I wonder to self:* how?

Mother?  “Lovely,” she rates,
and Baba: He’s “the best.”
“Missing Grandma,” she states,
And Heaven: it’s her quest.

To Auntie, she’s Mini-me,
to Grandpa, joy o’erflowing,
Okoy, dokey, Artichoky
My love for you: e’er growing.

Grandpa Harmon
March 31, 2009



He’s Daddy’s pride and joy
and Mommy’s little man,
God’s precious little boy,
and Braydon’s helping hand.

He’s the Energizer bunny,
slow is not his speed.
His face is ever sunny,
and friendly is his deed.

“You sit here,” he pats,
“standing there won’t do,”
With few words, no chats
he bids me and you.

He brightens every face,
and gladdens every heart.
He’s running to win the race
and has been from the start.

God has a special plan
for our blessed boy.
May he grow to be God’s man,
and ever spread His Joy!

Grandpa and Grandma Harmon
February 19, 2009