Poems for my Wife



A lady,

A friend,

A Christian,

A student of the Bible,

A preparer of tasty dishes,

A creative home decorator,

A creator of a warm and friendly home,

An eager and willing witness of the Savior.

A beloved BSF discussion leader,

A faithful and true companion,

A manic great grandmother,

A happy grandmother,

An excellent mother,

A special treasure,

My Valentine,

My blessing.

Jerry Harmon, February 14, 2018



T’was unthinkable,
He’s the great I AM!
but truly wonderful,
He became a man.

A dead man walking,
my lot was dread.
In love, not balking,
for me he bled.

He lives in heaven,
His home is mine.
Tis my good fortune
Your light did shine.

He who saved
was not alone,
T’was you who paved:
He’s now my own.

Jerry Harmon, December 25, 2016



One thought prevails — not otherwise,
His gracious care and ways so wise,
That He would give me tangible love
The perfect cure from heaven above.

Before you graced my life, my Dear,
I was alone, tormented by fear,
That all changed — your hand in mine,
It’s human love, yet so divine.

Forty-six years, the knot is tight,
Because of Him our future is bright,
What began in time, though time will end,
Will be forever — We can depend.

My words are weak and oh so small,
To tell of joys, wonderfulness and all,
May God Himself convey to you
My love for you, it is – oh so true.

Jerry Harmon, Our Anniversary – June 16, 2009




My heart, it shudders;
it’s repellent to consider,
my children’s lives,
without their mother.

Who would mark
those special days
with abundant enthusiasm
and joyous praise?

Who would make
their home a haven
from worldly cares
and hurtful raving?

Who would provide
the example of giving,
grace, caring, loveliness,
and, yes, forgiving?

Who would care
and make doubly sure
that they each Believe
and their faith mature?

And finally, who would love
and care so much
to do all she can
to stay in touch?

Jerry Harmon, Mother’s Day 2009



At first the eyes,
and then the smile,
they stand out,
and they beguile.

That’s my girl,
she’s the one;
straight or curl,
my heart’s undone.

Her heart is true;
her faith is strong;
she’s God’s glue;
for her I long.

For kids unborn,
her heart is strong;
for the forlorn
she rights the wrong.

Her home is warm,
a friendly haven —
no hurt, no harm,
no rant, no ravin’.

God is great,
and He is good;
she’s my mate;
by me she’s stood.

How may I
a debt repay?
I’m her guy,
what can I say?

Jer, the Bear, February 14, 2009